Premium Products. Customized Specifications.

Specialty Piping Products uses a customized approach to every design solution. We package and mark each item carefully to eliminate potential confusion in the field. And every product is meticulously inspected to ensure accuracy and quality.

Innovative Manufacturing Processes.

We have access to many of the commodity pipe hanger hardware products such as clevis hangers and riser clamps and ship most items the same day. Our real specialty is made-to-order items such as pipe shoes, pipe stanchions, hold down clamps and specialized pipe clamps.

Offering vast experience in pipe supports for FRP and dual laminate piping systems.

Specialty Piping Products does more than just pipe supports. We can do almost any form of light to medium-sized metal fabrication project.

  • Skids for large marine engines
  • HVAC equipment stands
  • Instrumentation supports
  • Racks for granite and marble storage
  • Pipe spools and flanged fittings
  • Pipe manifolds
  • Concrete imbeds
  • Paddle and spectacle blind flanges
  • Fabricated lifting lugs
  • Pipe bollards
  • Tables for shops
  • Truck pipe racks


Pipe Stanchions

Angle Brackets

Rubber lined pipe shoes

Bumpers for tanks